Credits : 

Writers : Shawn Diggy & Tracy S George 

Produced & Filmed by : Shawn Diggy 

Location : California , Santa Monica Pier &

Malibu beach 


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Samantha Moon - The Reason

Samantha Moon

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“The Reason “ was created to explain the essence of time. How do you value your time? do you even realize you may be in the same cycle of repetition that doesn’t evolve into being great ? and what will you do with your time?. It’s true, it speaks about relationships and it’s ups and downs about when you leave, you come back, then you leave again. many of us been through it before and so the question is are you learning from it and will it get better at the communication level or is it the fact of waisted time. Everything in life is a learning experience and then you grow, but if it remains the same you may become exhausted and you have to ask your self what is it you should do before you loose your self in something that doesn’t benefit your growth or even the person next to you. It is your story and it’s up to you what you do with your time so this song, it was all about the growth and to value the little time that we all have and to do the best for our selves then it becomes more than just a relationship issue but about the essence of your time. when someone else is not as willing as you are to grow, then we should learn from it and begin a new era of reinforcing the “ I love me “ moment and do what You have to do for you because the other person is not willing to grow or maybe they will, but not with you. It’s your time, it’s their time, it’s our time. It’s the essence of time.

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