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506/17/2021 by Gwendolyn Wheeler

Live streaming at Pablo Center WI.

What a wonderful performance at the Pablo center for the confluence. I haven't performed for a while because of Covid-19 and performing at the Pablo Center in WI. brought back the memories and made me see how much i missed the stage. tho it was live streaming i felt the energy through the screen which was a powerful thing to experience. I thank God i could have gotten out there and all the...


Interview Surprise

After being in the St.Cloud Paper ( St.Cloud Times ), the gratitude is to the roof. Right away i was asked to do a following interview with the USTC at my house which was really cool. Breanna at ( USTC ) i just wanna thank Breanna and Tony for being their cool selves an speaking with me. They were very professional and respectful.

111/25/2020 by Lita Mada

Life is a mystery. What is your realization?

Realize is now my new go to word. If any one of you have listened to my lives, i have said it many times as well as in my music. why?, i'll tell you the reader why. I've come to realize that there is no point of giving up, i've come to realize that people don't always love you like they said they do, i've come to realize that we are stronger together than apart, i've come to realize that...


What do you wanna hear next



The Reason music video

did you enjoy the reason music video ?please DM me and let me know


For Subscribers  

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Thank you St.Cloud times

Thank you St.Cloud times




I Love You Music Video Out Now !! 

The Video is finally here i wanna thank God, my Team StarFruitMusicGroupLLC and UrbanFierce G Thank you all so much. This is so overwhelming, beautiful and exciting at the same time to see our work come to life. Yall can now enjoy the Video On VEVO and BET Soul!!

Video Release  

Hi You all. It Looks like some of you are pretty excited about the video release and thats great news. So to everyone who wants to know, yes the video will be released shortly so you all can start sharing and posting to all social media pages i am very excited as well. 

What a day!! Wow 

”I Love You “ is now on every platform world wide. Hey everyone what a day it was for the release of my fresh New Single . We had a few of our friends, team and business partners listen to the record and everyone loved it. I’m so proud of my team StarFruitMusicGroupLLC. You all really made it happen what a wonderful feeling to fulfill your vision it is so humbling. With everything we would love to accomplish in life, we should first acknowledge that we have to keep moving and building up our deepest desire to grow and succeed in our craftsmanship. 

New Record 

HI everyone my new single is here, I'm filled with so much emotions, download, stream and share it to everyone you know, i would really appreciate that.

Welcome To My News Room  

Hi everyone!! it's Samantha Moon and i am so excited about my new single. "I Love You" please share download and stream.

Also please check out my new video coming soon.

Moon ft on Caribbean collective