"Time and Love " Release Party

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Minnesota music Cafe ( MMC ) , 501 Payne Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55130 USA

On January the 29th 2022, Samantha Moon will be live with her band at the Minnesota Music Cafe, setting the mood with high energy and love through music. Be there and be safe, we all have a responsibility. Come experience these phenomenal frequencies and vibrations with Samantha Moon.

Guest Performances by the IRIE SOL BAND!.

About : “Time & Love”

“TIME & LOVE” is a brand new song that will form a timeless classic that will move people and resonate deeply with audiences across the world. The song was initially written for and by Laura Nyro, redone by the iconic Barbara Streisand in 1976. I was asked by the original engineer,Glen Kolotkin, to create my own rendition 45 years later. Kolotkin is also a renowned, saturated Grammy award nominated and winning recipient. There can be no doubt that the song brings together the classical sound that brings feelings of nostalgia as well as a modern contemporary urban sound.

The lyrics of the song are reminders of all that we hold dear, time, and love. The instrumentation and vocal performance are unmatched and show off the best parts of this unique and rich vocals as well as my authentic and original sound. The song is a bridge to a new frontier in R&B, Soul, and contemporary music. I am here to churn out real music and change the face of the industry as we know it.