From the village of Trafalgar, Neo-Soul/R&B artist Samantha Moon, born Tracy Samantha Johnson, first discovered her love for music at an early age and has been shooting for the stars ever since. Coming from a musical background, Samantha gained a true appreciation for Neo-Soul and R&B. While being inspired by musicians of all genres, Samantha notes Regina Belle, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Jill Scott, and Sade as some of the top influences of her style. Channeling self love and happiness with music, Samantha also embraces nature and is an advocate for meditation. 

Moon established her musical journey in 2010, joining one of the most prestigious bands in Dominica: “Natral Vybz International.” Taking the role of lead vocalist, the band released local hits like “Haiti” featuring Elisha Benoit. Samantha has shared the stage with major artists from Wyclef Jean, Queen Ifrica, Barrington levy, Cecile to The Meditations & Irie Sol. 


After discovering her vocal ability at 16, Moon would later take her West Indies style to mainstream America in 2016. Moon has performed across the Caribbean and the U.S like the Pablo center in Eau Claire WI. Minnesota Music Cafe, Carifest, Reggae & Jerk Fest, as well as singing the "star spangled banner" while dedicating the first park Butler park and statue to the first African American slaves who arrived in St.Cloud Minnesota and many more. while winning multiple music competitions including the Minnesota “Sing St. Cloud” contest. Samantha began to garner a loyal fan base for her music. Throughout her career, Moon has worked with well know producers and and engineers in the business like Grammy award winning producer Glen Kolotkin who have produced and engineered for many artists and musicians like, Jimmy Hendricks, Jet jones, Janice Droplin, Barbra Streisand and have won a Grammy for the Carlos santana "super natural" album and any more.


Introducing her new sound, Samantha Moon’s latest single “I Love You” speaks to her real life experiences, vulnerability, and honesty. Produced by Try Bishop, Moon continues to clarify and take pride in expressing both her culture and artistry through her music. With new music on the horizon, the rising artist is taking her music to an international level and hopes to leave an everlasting mark upon fan’s musical experiences.  

More than ever, Samantha is ready to unveil her all-new music to the masses. When discussing her all-new single, Moon says, “I think this single is a powerful record. To be able to express to others what is hard for them to express for themselves is humbling. I say that anyone would be able to relate to “I Love You” upon listening.” 

In Samantha’s music lies her truth and pain as she strives for others to understand who she truly is. Facing trials and tribulations at an early age, Moon learned to overcome them with her writing skills and love for music. Moon was inspired by her sister to write her latest single “I Love You” after her sister was diagnosed with cancer and had passed away. At that time in her life, she felt like the whole world was crashing around her.   

Seeing a bright future for herself in the industry, Samantha later moved to Minnesota to continue her musical journey; music saved Samantha Moon.  

Releasing her debut EP, “Wake Up Now,” in August 2018, Samantha began to truly step into the music industry. Throughout her career, Samantha Moon would like to make a difference and impact upon people’s lives with her music.